Division of Neurosurgery Alumni - Where are they now?

The Division of Neurosurgery's new monthly series that provides an update on past neurosurgical Residents. 

Please explore the profiles below and learn about what our Alumni have been up to. View a full list of our alumni.

December 2015 Nalin Gupta
January 2016 Rajiv Midha
February 2016 Sean Smith
April 2016 Lilyana Angelov
May 2016 John Hurlbert
June 2016 Renn Holness
September 2016 Patrick J. McDonald
October 2016 Ann M. Parr
November 2016 Allan D. Levi
December 2016 Nasri Khoury
January 2017 Jennifer Brown
February 2017 John Kestle
March 2017 Charles Matouk
April 2017 Jay Riva-Cambrin
May 2017 Scellig Stone
June 2017 Sheila Singh
September 2017 Wai Ng