Department of Surgery

Promotions Process 2017-2018

**Applications due: MAY 15, 2017**


  1. ALL potential candidates MUST meet with Howard Clarke to discuss their applications. Appointments can be made by contacting Heather Sellars at or 416-813-6444.
  2. Applicants are asked to notify their Surgeon-in-Chief and their University Division Chair of their intent to apply.
  3. Contact Sylvia Perry at or 416-978-2552 to arrange for submission of materials (please refer to checklist below for documents required).
  4. Candidates to consult with their University Division Chair re: coordinating name submissions for external, internal and student referee. 
  5. Since the Department of Surgery will contact referees by email, candidates MUST ensure that they have CORRECT and CURRENT email addresses for all referee names that are submitted. 
  6. The Department of Surgery contacts Division Chairs, Surgeon-in-Chiefs and Cross-appointed Chairs for submission of reporting letters.
  7. In late June the Departmental Promotions Committee assesses all applications and determines which applications will proceed to the next stage of the promotion process.  Candidates will be contacted if further documentation is required OR if the application will be deferred until a future date.
  8. The Department of Surgery contacts referees for required reference letters. Applicants are asked not to request letters from their potential referees. Any letters that have been solicited directly by the candidate cannot be considered as a letter of reference.
  9. In late November the Departmental Promotions Committee reviews all referee letters and determines if application will proceed to the Decanal Promotions Committee.
  10. Department of Surgery submits applications to the Faculty of Medicine in early to mid January.
  11. Mid to late February the Decanal Committee contacts Department of Surgery if any additional documents are required.
  12. Decanal Committee determines which applications will be forwarded to the Provost’s Office for final deliberations.
  13. Applicants are informed mid April – early June of outcome of the application.
  14. Successful candidates will be asked:
    1. If they would be willing to allow other applicants to view the non-confidential portions of their promotion dossiers. (items such as Teaching Effectiveness Scores and letters received will not be made public).
    2. If they would be willing to meet/speak with individuals who are interested in applying for promotion to provide their perspective.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their promotions application is complete. All applicants must submit 1 electronic copy (flashdrive or via email attachment) and 1 hard copy (single sided, not stapled). 

Please note that all electronic documents should be in PDF format.  If you are unable to convert your files to PDF format, please contact Sylvia Perry.




The following checklist outlines what is required for a candidate’s promotion application to the rank of Associate Professor/Full Professor. We would ask that individuals applying for promotion to Assistant Professor contact the Department of Surgery directly to establish what they need to submit for consideration.   


o  Curriculum Vitae

o  5 most significant publications (since last promotion)

oExplanation of the impact of each of the publications. Candidate must indicate their role in each publication.

oPDFs of publications

o  Synopsis of Scholarly Activity / Research Statement  (since last promotion) - 1 – 2 pages summarizing research programs and detailing the importance and impact of the research

o  Data Summary Sheets

oResearch Awards (since last promotion)

oResearch Supervision (since last promotion)

oRefereed Publications (since last promotion)

oTeaching (since last promotion)

o  Creative Professional Activity Dossier (since last promotion)

oDocumentation – in written prose format

oAppraisal letters (if applicable)

oAdditional assessments (if applicable) 

o  Teaching Documentation (since last promotion)

oTeaching and Education Report/Dossier

oAssessments (TES Scores)

oLetters received from students/colleagues re: teaching

o  Administrative Service Documentation (since last promotion)

o  Names of Referees (see below for guidelines)

o10 names of external referees

o10 names of internal referees

o10 names of student/resident/fellow referees


A. Referee Letters: guidelines

Candidates are NOT to contact the referees directly – this will be done through the Department of Surgery. If the candidate contacts the referee directly, the letter cannot be considered as a letter of reference.


It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that all internal and external referees are not active/recent (ie within the past 5 years) collaborators, close colleagues or former students.  Letters from previous program directors or supervisors will also not be considered acceptable. In addition, all internal and external referees must be senior faculty at least at the same level as the candidate’s proposed promotion rank (ie. If candidate is applying to the level of Full Professor, all internal and external referees must be at the academic rank of Full Professor).  Any referees that do not meet these criteria cannot be included as part of the candidate’s mandatory reference letters.

All suggestions for referees must include their academic rank (ie Associate Professor, Professor) and current e-mail address. For administrative purposes, it would be very much appreciated if a full mailing address, phone and fax number could also be provided. 


External Referees:  If you are applying for Full Professor status, please ensure you submit national and international (ie. outside North America) names of individuals that can be contacted as a potential referee. 

Internal Referees:  Candidates may not submit names of individuals from within the same University Division nor from a Department that they are cross-appointed to. [For example: Dr. Roze is General Surgeon with a cross-appointment in the Department of Immunology.  Dr. Roze cannot submit any General Surgeon’s name from the University of Toronto community nor any faculty member from the Department of Immunology as a potential internal referee] 

Student Referees:  Only names of students since an applicant’s last promotion can be contacted for a reference letter (if a candidate was promoted July 1, 2008, only students from July 1st 2008 onwards can supply a letter of support.  Letters prior to that date cannot be considered)

Candidate’s and University Division Chair’s Responsibilities:

Candidates are required to submit suggestions for 5 external referees, 5 internal referees (other than their Surgeon-in-Chief or Departmental Chair) and 5 students/residents/fellows who can be contacted for a teaching evaluation.

The candidate’s University Division Chairis required to provide an additional 5 external referees, 5 internal referees and 5 students/residents/fellows. These referees must be different from the ones chosen by the candidate 

The Department of Surgery will subsequently determine and contact those referees who will be asked to provide a reference letter. Candidates will not be informed as to which individuals were contacted/submitted letters.

B. Letters of Support:

Solicited by the Department:

As part of the promotions process, theDepartment will request letters of support from the following individuals: theDepartment Chair, the Chair of the Departmental Promotions Committee, the candidate’s Surgeon-in-Chief, the candidate’s University Division Chair and theChair(s) of any department(s) that the candidate is cross-appointed to.

Solicited by the Candidate:

Letters of support are not mandatory but they can play an important role in the promotions process and candidates are strongly encouraged to solicit letters of support from colleagues that are deemed ineligible as a referee for their promotion application. Since letters of support are separate from referee letters, there are no restrictions in terms of who can submit one.

For queries please contact:    

c/o Sylvia Perry,
149 College Street,
5th Floor Suite 503

Toronto ON M5T 1P5


Phone: (416) 978-2552 or (416) 978-2623

Fax: (416) 978-3928



1.CV Word Template

2.Teaching and Education Report Word Template (with instructions)

3.Teaching and Education Report Word Template clean

4.Creative Professional Activity Dossier – consult with Howard Clarke re: format

5.What is CPA

6.CPA Reviewer Guide 2015

7. Data Summary Sheet Word Templates

a.Research Awards

b.Research Supervision

c.Refereed Publications



More detailed information about promotions can be found on the Faculty of Medicine website at:


University of Toronto Policy and Procedures regarding Promotion can be found at:





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