EDI: Strategic Plan 2020-2023


A Department of Surgery whose core values of diversity and equity shape its culture, inform its academic mission and policies, and inspires its members


  • Structural change 

  • Cultural change

  • Partnerships to share resources, expertise, and initiatives 

  • Commitment at all levels: Leaders, members, and trainees

Areas for intervention

Data and metrics

Cultural change

Policies and processes

  •  Survey every 3 years 

  • Promotion & leadership profiles

  • Education: Faculty training; Resident curriculum

  • Engagement: Mentorship; Rounds; Speakers; Workshops

  • Complaints 

  • Academic promotion

  • Search committees

  • Parental leave

  • Financial equity


Community engagement

Review & reassessment

  • Website

  • Social media, articles

  • Communal partnerships

  • Consult roles

  • Education through lived experiences 

  • Ongoing data collection of membership profiles

  • Evaluate initiative effectiveness