Postgraduate Program

The University of Toronto postgraduate program in Surgery (“The Gallie Course”) provides residency training in all surgical specialties.  It offers graduate degree research training in the Surgeon Scientist Program and innovative teaching of technical skills at the Surgical Skills Centre.

Learner Mistreatment

The Department of Surgery is committed to enabling a positive learning and working environment for everyone in our community. We support an integrated approach to addressing learner concerns that champions the principles articulated in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine guidelines on managing disclosures of learner mistreatment for medical students and PGME trainees (residents and clinical fellows).

Temerty Medicine has adopted the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) definition for learner mistreatment which refers to intentional or unintentional behaviours that show disrespect for the dignity of others. This may manifest as unprofessional behaviours, discrimination and discriminatory harassment, or sexual violence and sexual harassment.

Temerty Medicine has established a centralized hub of supports and resources for learners who have witnessed or experienced mistreatment. To learn more about how to discuss, disclose, or report learner mistreatment, you can access resources here:

  • For MD Program:
  • For PGME:

    These webpages include an online disclosure form through which you can submit disclosures to the Learner Experience Office in an identified or anonymous way.

    Within our own Department, our education leadership team are also available to support learners in accessing and understanding the supports and resources available. Our leadership team includes:
  • Vice Chair of Education: Dr. Najma Ahmed
  • Fellowship Director: Dr. Najma Ahmed
  • Residency Program Director: Dr. Mojgan Hodaie
  • Clerkship Director: Dr. Jory Simpson

    Temerty Medicine will also monitor trends from learner concerns to identify systems-level interventions in partnership with the clinical departments and hospitals that can be implemented to improve the learning and working climate for us all.

    The bottom line is that we are here for you, please reach out anytime!

For more information on the residency program for a specific surgical specialty visit:

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Director, Postgraduate Education
Dr. Mojgan Hodaie

Postgraduate Coordinator:
Violetta Sochka
Department of Surgery
Postgraduate Education
Stewart Building
149 College Street, Suite 503
Toronto, ON M5T 1P5 

Tel:  416-978-8945
Fax: 416-978-1880

Postgrauate Education Committee in Surgery
Mojgan Hodaie (Postgraduate Director)
Bobby Yanagawa (C/S)
Najma Ahmed (G/S)
Stan Feinberg (G/S)
Kyle Wanzel  (P/S)
Rob Stewart (U/S)
Nir Lipsman (N/S)
Andrew Pierre (T/S)
Elisa Greco (V/S)
Jeremy Hall (O/S)
Frances Wright (Surg Onc)
Helen MacRae (Colorectal)
Georges Azzie (Paed G/S)
TBA (Postgraduate Assistant)
Violetta Sochka (Postgraduate Coordinator)

Department of Surgery Postgraduate Education Committee Resident Duty Hours Policy
PGME Policies and Guidelines