Hand and Upper Extremity / Overview

The University of Toronto Hand Program started in 1986 as Canada's first Hand Program. From the outset, it was our goal to build a multidisciplinary approach to conditions and trauma affecting the hands. Our skilled Surgeons are trained in Orthopaedic or Plastic Surgery and have subspecialty fellowship training in Hand Surgery. Our team also includes a Hand Physician, ten Hand Therapists and a Social Worker. 

The Hand Program's patients come from across Metro Toronto and Southern Ontario, and we also see major hand trauma patients from the entire province. Our patients have a wide variety of conditions from ganglions and tendonitis to wrist instability, and Duputren's contracture. We see the entire spectrum of hand trauma and perform over 50 finger or hand replantations per year. Our care for microsurgical patients is greatly facilitated by our four-bed microsurgical unit that provides optimal conditions and a dedicated nursing staff and social worker for our patients.