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Global Surgery

Who We Are: Our Mission & Values

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, the Department of Surgery at U of T provides surgical expertise around the globe with the goal of improving health in low and middle income countries and underserved communities. We focus on reducing inequities and improving access to quality care in a strategic manner through building local capacity and enabling sustainable improvements in health care delivery.

We have developed important international collaborations and invest in our faculty members and trainees to help them accomplish these important goals.  Our Global Surgery Program, through our Office of International Surgery supports faculty members working abroad, hosts local events and provides a networking opportunities for faculty members interested in global health.

How We Began:

Drs. Andrew Howard and Massey Beveridge spearheaded the establishment of The Office of International Surgery (OIS); the Department’s first efforts in formalizing their global presence. The founding premise was to provide the opportunity for creating lasting impact in developing nations through improved health systems, education of local healthcare providers, political and social advocacy, and formalized partnerships with governments and/or educational institutions.  Today, we have over 25 faculty members participating in activities around the world.