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Expedited Access to Reliable Mental Health Services for Department Members and their Families

It is challenging to cultivate personal wellbeing without access to trusted, credible resources. To address this barrier to care, the Navigate Clinic will prioritize inquiries and offer expedited, specialized services to Department of Surgery faculty members and their families. Key information is provided below.

 What is the Navigate Clinic?

  • A team of clinical and health psychologists experienced in treating anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, burnout, relationship distress, coping with the diagnosis of a serious illness, grief, and bereavement
  • Provides short and long-term empirically validated therapy including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, and Schema-Focused Therapy
  • Location: 364 Brookdale Avenue, Toronto ON, M5M 1P8 | T 437-833-8883 | |

 Is the Navigate Clinic associated with the Department of Surgery?

  • No. The Department is entirely unassociated. Member use is strictly confidential.

 How do I initiate access?

Step 1

  • Email
  • State the following to ensure priority care:
    • “I am a U of T faculty member in the Department of Surgery”
    • “I would like to be contacted for help”

Step 2

The intake coordinator will respond within 48 hours.

For non-crisis care, you will see a psychologist within 2 weeks.

For urgent care, you will see a psychologist within 48 hours.

Am I covered?

  • The clinic is fee-for-service, paid by the user
  • Fees are eligible for healthcare benefits for those with personal plans.

 Please reach out to Dr. Giuseppe Papia (  or Joanna Giddens ( directly if you have questions at any time.

Department of Surgery Book Club

A Department of Surgery initiative for members to gather and share ideas about relevant and insightful books. For info about the next meet-up, contact: Crisel Evangelista at 

Upcoming Events

Department of Surgery Book Club: June 10, 2024


Department of Surgery Wellness Committee

  • Committee Lead: Giuseppe Papia            
  • Strategic Initiatives Coordinator: Joanna Giddens             
  • Benefactor: Robin Richards
  • Task Force Members:
    • Karen Devon
    • Abhaya Kulkarni
    • Nir Lipsman
    • Myroslava Romach

Useful Wellness Resources