Vascular Surgery / Undergraduate Education

The University of Toronto Vascular Surgery Division provides both core and elective experience for undergraduate medical students studying at the University of Toronto as well as for medical students on elective from outside of Toronto.  Clinical clerks in their third-year have the option to rotate on vascular surgery as a core surgery selective.  The Vascular Surgery Division’s Faculty function as mentors for multiple undergraduate medical students interested in vascular surgery.  Medical students have the option to become involved in both clinical and basic research projects within the division.  Faculty members participate in the crash course in surgery teaching seminars which are coordinated centrally as well as the acclaimed SEAD Program and Vascular Surgery Interest Group(VSIG).

Application for Undergraduate Medical Students

Please submit applications to the Undergraduate Program Director's office whose contact information is listed below:

Dr. Elisa Greco
St. Michael's Hospital
Division of Vascular Surgery
Rm 7-073, Bond Wing
30 Bond Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1W8

Phone:  416-864-5236
FAX: 416-864-6012


Administrative Assistant

Michelle Paiva
Division of Vascular Surgery, University of Toronto
5th Floor
149 College Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1P5

Phone:  416-978-7423
FAX: 416-978-3928