Residency in the Division of General Surgery

Residency Program

Program Director, Residency Training
Dr. Savtaj Brar

Welcome to the University of Toronto’s General Surgery Residency Training Program. The residency training program in General Surgery at the University of Toronto is the largest and perhaps most diverse of its kind in Canada.  Our vision is to ensure excellence in clinical and academic training of our Residents.  We know that we are preparing tomorrow’s leaders in General Surgery. 

Our training Program is home to approximately 100 faculty members, over 6 Fully Affiliated Academic Health Centres, and 5 Affiliated Community Hospitals.  In addition, the Program provides rural training opportunities through the Rural Ontario Medicine Training Program.  We offer outstanding opportunities to engage in research activities; via longitudinal research electives or through the Clinical Investigator Program.  Our faculty members are highly invested in Residency Training and many are opinion leaders in their own subspecialty area of General Surgery.
Under the leadership of Drs. Rutka, (University Department Chair), Levine (Department of Surgery, Post Graduate Director), Swallow (University Division Chair) and Brar (General Surgery, Program Director), the Program provides a rich environment for learning and enquiry. The University of Toronto teaching hospitals provide surgical care for a large urban population as well as patients from a vast catchment area and referral network. This arrangement provides outstanding learning opportunities and a breadth of clinical volume that is unsurpassed almost anywhere in North America.   We warmly invite you to be part of our Program. 

Please contact Ms. Madeline Ng ( or Dr. Sav Brar ( to learn more.


Fully Affiliated Academic Health Centres: 
• Mount Sinai Hospital 
• University Health Network - Toronto General 
• University Health Network - Toronto Western 
• St Michael's Hospital 
• Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre 
• The Hospital for Sick Children 

Affiliated Community Hospitals: 
• North York General Hospital
• Humber River Regional Hospital 
• Trillium Health Centre 
• St Joseph's Health Care Centre 
• Toronto East General Hospital

Wellness Resources

Program Support

Program Director: Dr. Sav Brar

Wellness Lead: Dr. Tulin Cil

Director of Postgraduate Medical Wellness Office: Dr. Julie Maggi

Director of Learner Experience, Faculty of Medicine: Dr. Reena Pattani


Support Services 


Postgraduate Medical Education Wellness Office 

The Office of Resident Wellness was created to help support the well-being of the University of Toronto’s Post Graduate Medical Education trainees and to offer assistance to those encountering difficulties during training. All currently registered residents and fellows have access to support services such as confidential counseling/psychotherapy and wellness coaching.


Open Monday to Friday. For office hours, appointments and further information, contact:

Tel.: 416 946-3074 | Email:


PARO Helpline (24/7): 1-866-HELP-DOC (1.866.435.7362)


Ontario Medical Association Physician Health Program (PHP) 

Open Monday-Friday, 8:45am-5pm. Contact for services and inquiries:

Tel.: 1.800.851.6606 | Email:

Wellness Support Line (24/7 crisis support): 1.800.851.6606

Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Wellness Hub 


Wellness Resources for Faculty (and Residents) 


Psychological First Aid for Frontline Health Care Providers During COVID-19 


CPSO Physician Wellness 


Postgraduate Medical Education – Applicants 
R-1 Main Residency Match 
AFMC Student Portal - Application service for visiting electives for all Canadian faculties of medicine.
Services are offered for Canadian and International undergraduate medical students.

Program Description – 2020

CMG Stream

IMG Stream

2020-2021 Toronto - Letter of Reference  (66.86 KB)
Relevant Experience CMG (19.29 KB)
Relevant Experience IMG (19.56 KB)

Goals and Objectives

University of Toronto, Department of General Surgery, Residency Training Program Program-wide Goals and Objectives: 

Fully Affiliated Academic Health centres:

Affiliated Community Hospitals:

Off Service Rotations:

Information and Policies

Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN)


Residents and Public Health Emergency Preparedness Guidelines

CPSO Supervision Guidelines (see file attached (16)

Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME)   

Training Verification

Apply for Elective Training


Resident Registration and Administrative Information 


Access Payroll Resources

Call Stipends Resources

Policies and Guidelines 


The Latest on COVID-19

Principles: PGME Redeployment for COVID-19

Redeployment of Postgraduate Learners Across University of Toronto Affiliated Sites


Immunization and Communicable Disease Policy (87.81 KB) 

Intimidation and Harassment Guidelines (154.44 KB) 

Leaves of Absence and Training Waivers Policy 2015 (109.53 KB) 

General Surgery Residency Training Program   

U of T Safety Abroad

See also CPSO and PGME health and safety guidelines


Dispute Resolution Policy (79.6 KB) 

  1. Policy (102.25 KB) 

Principles of Resident and Fellow Interactions (120.96 KB) 

Call Pool Resident Agreement (85.69 KB)

Resident Duty Hours Policy (170.93 KB) 

Religious Observances Policy (79.58 KB) 

Residency Training Vacation Policy (41.3 KB)

Department of Surgery, Division of General Surgery Residency Training  Program Orientation Guides:

Accolades, Honours and Special Events


2015 Postgraduate Research Awards:
Ashton Connor - Edward Christie Stevens Fellowships in Medicine, & the Joseph M. West Family Memorial Fund
David Gomez Jaramillo - Wiliam S. Fenwick Research Fellowship and the Chisholm Memorial Fellowship
Daniel Kagedan - Joseph M. West Family Memorial Fund
- Stephanie Mason - Award Recipient of the 2015 Queen Elizabeth II/Wellesley Surgeon Scholarship in Science and Technology.
James Byrne - Presented his paper "Timing of Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Propensity-Matched Cohort Study' at the 2015 Canadian Committee on Trauma - Trauma Association of Canada Resident/Fellow Paper Competition.  It was unanimously chosen the best presentation/work of Region XII.  

Dylan Pannell - CAGS Resident Award for Teaching Excellence
Daniel Abramowitz - Dr. Leo Mahoney Resident Teaching Award
Jonathan Josse - Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy video was created by Jonathan as part of his PGY2 Mentorship project
Elliot Wakeam abstract titled “Barriers and Strategies for Effective Patient Rescue: A qualitative Study of Outliers” accepted for presentation in the 2014 surgical Forum program, it has been selected for an Excellence in Research Award for the category of Quality – Safety and Costs. (July 14, 2014)

- Congratulations to Chethan Sathya who is currently a Fellow in Global Journalism at the Munk School of Global Affairs. We would like to share a few stories Chethan has written for CBC news and the Toronto Star:
Docs offside on physician-assisted suicide
Why surgeon's skills need testing during training
Ontario bill would extend child welfare services to older youth 


  Congratulations to our 2013 award winners for the "Stevens Norvell

Daniel Kagedan and Josh Ng - in recognition of achieving the second-highest mark nationally on the 2013 Resident in Training CAGS Examination for first-year residents.
Matt Strickland - in recognition of achieving the second-highest mark nationally on the 2013 Resident in Training CAGS Examination for second-year residents. And a special shout out to Matt for winning the national laparascopic suturing competition this year at CAGS.

Special Events:

 -Minister of Health is Resident for a Day at St. Joe's Toronto 
 -The Premier Visits St. Michael's Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute Oct. 2012
 -The Premier Visits the Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Sept. 2012 

Social Events


Welcome Reception for PGY1 Residents: Annual Garden Parties:

Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMs) Receptions:


Winter Parties

PGY1 Breakfast with the Division Chair/Program Director:


Gallie Day:


Annual Assembly:

Administrative Structure

General Surgery - Residency Program Committee (GS-RPC)





Dr. Savtaj Brar

Chair; Program Director; Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Shiva Jayaraman

Associate Program Director, Curriculum; Unity Health Toronto - St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Dr. Preeti Dhar

Assistant Program Director, University Health Network - Toronto General Hospital

Dr. Peter Stotland

Assistant Program Director, North York General Hospital

Dr. Danielle Bischof

Resident Site Coordinator, Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Marcus Burnstein

Resident Site Coordinator, Unity Health Toronto - St. Michael’s Hospital

Dr. Tulin Cil

Wellness Lead; Resident Site Coordinator, University Health Network - Princess Margaret Hospital

Dr. Jamie Cyriac

Resident Site Coordinator, Toronto East Health Network/Michael Garron

Dr. Sayf Gazala

Toronto East Health Network/Michael Garron

Dr. Laz Klein

Resident Site Coordinator, Humber River Hospital

Dr. Nicole Look Hong

Resident Site Coordinator, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Dr. Ashlie Nadler

Resident Site Coordinator, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Dr. Todd Penner

Resident Site Coordinator, University Health Network - Toronto Western Hospital

Dr. Ted Ross

Resident Site Coordinator, Women's College Hospital

Dr. Melanie Tsang

Resident Site Coordinator, Unity Health Toronto - St. Joseph’s Health Centre



Dr. Sachin Doshi


Dr. Kimberley Lam


Dr. Johanna Pinto Lee


Dr. Riordan Azam


Dr. Luckshi Rajendran


Dr. Jordyn Vernon


Dr. May-Anh Nguyen


Dr. Marcus Oosenbrug


Dr. Graham Skelhorne-Gross


Dr. Sergio Acuna


Dr. Dhruvin Hirpara


Dr. Megan Melland-Smith


Dr. Brittany Greene


Dr. Marika Sevigny


Dr. Evangelia Theodosopoulos


Dr. Zubair Bayat

Surgeon Scientist Training Program

Dr. Alexander Gregor

Surgeon Scientist Training Program

Dr. Matt Guttman

Surgeon Scientist Training Program

Dr. Wanda Marini

Selections Committee Co-Chair


Non-Voting Members


Administrative Support

Madeline Ng

Program Coordinator


ex officio

Dr. Carol Swallow

Chair, Division of General Surgery (ex officio)

Dr. Ron Levine

Director, Postgraduate Education (ex officio)



General Surgery Competency Committee (Subheading 1, Bold)




Dr. Preeti Dhar, Chair; Assistant Program Director

Dr. Savtaj Brar, Program Director

Dr. Shiva Jayaraman, Associate Program Director

Dr. Peter Stotland, Assistant Program Director

Dr. Brian Pinchuk, Faculty, North York General Hospital

Dr. Georges Azzie, Hospital for Sick Children

Dr. Nicole Look Hong

Dr. Melanie Tsang

Dr. Marcus Burnstein

Dr. Jamie Cyriac

Dr. Tulin Cil

Post Graduate Education Committee in General Surgery / Residency Program Committee, University of Toronto Terms of Reference Document:

Research Grants of General Surgery Faculty:

General Surgery Faculty Publications:

Clinical/Academic and Scholarly Content of the Program

Formal Academic Curriculum - Mandatory

PGY 3-5 Residents Curriculum Schedules:

Other Educational Activities - Invited:

Evaluation of Resident Performance

Technical Skills and Responsibilities of Junior Trainees:



PGCorED Performance:



In-Training Evaluation Reports (ITERs)

Fully Affiliated Academic Health Centres/Core Rotations:​


Guidelines for Promotion (June 2013)