About the EDI Team

Our Mission

We aspire to promote a Department of Surgery in which the core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion shape its academic mission and inspire its members.

The Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto is one of the most accomplished surgical departments in North America - as well as one that is located in one of the most diverse cities in the world. A more equitable and representative Department will further its success beyond academic and clinical innovation; it will allow the Department to best serve the needs of its diverse communities.

Our Goals

We recognize that EDI is a complex and ongoing endeavor. In accordance with the most current Canadian research, the Faculty of Medicine has rightfully identified three immediate areas of focus:

  1. Anti-black racism
  2. Anti-Indigenous racism
  3. Gender and sexuality-based discrimination.

Though we will not limit our work to these areas alone, we will focus initial efforts here in order to effect specific and measurable impact.

Our Directors

Dr. Najib Safieddine

Dr Snell

Dr. Najib Safieddine
Division of Thoracic Surgery
Michael Garron Hospital


Dr. Laura Snell 
Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Our Taskforce

A diverse and representative task force will be formed to help lead the process.
If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out.

Check back soon for our terms of reference for committee members.


EDI Lecture Dec 2020