In-Training Examinations

In-Training Examinations

In-training Examinations, Tests and Evaluations of Trainees

A) The practice exam in Surgical Foundations must be tried and must meet the passing standards as defined by the Surgical Foundations Competence Committee.

B) Each trainee must pass the Royal College Written Examination in Surgical Foundations as soon as possible, once eligible.

C) Division of Neurosurgery In-Training Oral Examinations: These are held each spring and fall, and are patterned after the oral examination at the Royal College. The examination is obligatory trainees in PGY3+ on clinical service.

D) Division of Neurosurgery In-Training Written Examinations: As part of the neurosurgery curriculum, written examinations will be held at the end of each major section. The questions for these examinations will be patterned after the format of the Royal College of Surgeons written examination in neurosurgery. These written examinations are obligatory for all residents in the neurosurgery training program. The exams are graded by the faculty, and the results are made known to the individual residents taking the exam. The exam scores for each residents are kept in the offices of the Chair and Program Director, and are part of a resident's file.

E) The Royal College Specialty Examination in Neurosurgery is written after the Royal College requirements have been satisfied. Candidates should have their training assessed by the Royal College and should register their intent of writing the examination well in advance of the deadlines which are published annually.