Progress Evaluation

Evaluation of the Candidates' Progress

At the end of each rotation, an in-training report (ITER or ITAR) is completed, with input from all staff neurosurgeons at the site. This is reviewed with the resident. Residents also receive mid-rotation feedback on performance to date. These evaluations are the responsibility of the Site Director for the rotation.

For those in the Competence by Design curriculum, progress is also monitored by regular completion of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs).

All trainees’ progress is discussed at each Residency Program Committee and Executive Meeting on a monthly basis. Further, a detailed review of performance, including of ITERs/ITARs and EPAs, is conducted roughly every 3 months by the Competence Committee, who reports back to the RPC.

Residents meet with the Chair of the Division and Program Director at least every year. Any problems regarding the candidate's progress will be discussed at those meetings or sooner, if appropriate.