Program Evaluation

Trainee's Evaluation of the Program

A) This is an extremely important component of the administration of the neurosurgical training program at the University of Toronto. After each surgical clinical rotation, trainees are asked to complete the Department of Surgery's Evaluation of Service Form online via the POWER system. These results are confidential and are analyzed centrally at the Department of Surgery. The overall results are provided to the neurosurgical Faculty periodically, in a manner that preserves the anonymity of the reporting residents. The service Division Chief's office is responsible to ensure that all residents complete these forms at the time the ITER is reviewed, but the Division Chief never sees the trainee's evaluation of his or her service. 

B) Each neurosurgical trainee is required to keep a record of all surgical procedures done during each rotation using the online case-logging system on POWER. These data are collated and reviewed by the Program Director and discussed with the resident. Recommendations are then made to the resident regarding present and future rotations in terms of required surgical experience to complete the neurosurgery training program.