About Dr. Lee Errett

Dr. Lee Errett has been well-celebrated over the course of his career for advancing the Division of Cardiac Surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital. His efforts have attracted a dynamic group of surgeons with excellence in research, innovation, and clinical care. He established an International Fellowship Program that trained 16 surgeons from 12 different countries. He is the first faculty member to be named as Professor of Global Surgery, and will now be devoting his full time efforts to the enhancement of the Program.

Efforts Abroad

Dr. Errett has travelled to all six continents to teach, mentor, and perform cardiac surgery. In China, he established Cardiac Surgery residency and fellowship programs in eleven different centers in China. He was honoured with the 2006 Norman Bethune Award for this work. In Southeast Asia, he set up assessment clinics in rural areas where none had previously existed. He also helped develop a communications system for the facilitation of surgical care in East Africa. Additionally, he was able to secure equipment from the closure of Toronto hospitals and send it to hospitals in Cuba that were able to greatly benefit from their use. Thanks to Dr. Errett’s commitment to international teaching, trainees from all over the world have been a afforded the opportunity to return to their native countries with a University of Toronto experience.