Fellowships in the Division of General Surgery

                                               "General Surgery Fellows Graduation 2018"

If you are accepted into a Fellowship Program, the Orientation Booklet in the link below will become very useful.  The Timelines to expect from the Post Graduate Medical Education Office on page 28 are extremely important.   

Orientation Resources for New Trainees | Postgraduate Medical Education

Source verification of your medical degree is an essential requirement for medical education licensure by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), see page 8 in the Orientation Booklet as well as the document below.

Fellowship Programs

Breast Surgery Program - Sunnybrook and Princess Margaret Hospitals
Breast Surgery Program - St. Michael's Hospital                                            

Colorectal Surgery Program

General Surgical Oncology Program

Hepatobiliary Surgical Oncology Program

Minimally Invasive Surgery Program

Paediatric Surgery Program

Transplant Program

Trauma Program

Educational Opportunities

Boot Camp, July 24-27 2018.  This week has a number of lectures focusing on research methods and communication skills.  In addition, there is 1.5 days in the simulation lab focusing on operative skills in both the lower and upper GI tract. Please  contact Dr. Frances Wright if you wish your fellows to participate - frances.wright@sunnybrook.ca

To All Applicants:

If you have also applied to the U.S match through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP), please be advised that the University of Toronto is a participating institution and adheres to the match policy. The policy states that "Applicants who have matched to a program or have accepted a position during the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP), shall not apply for, discuss, interview for, or accept a concurrent year position in another program prior to the NRMP granting the requested waiver." More information is accessible at http://www.nrmp.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/2018-MPA-Specialities-Matching-Service.pdf.

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