Professor  |  Division Co-Chair

Cindi Morshead


B.Sc., Ph.D.

Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, 160 College St., Room 1006, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5S 3E1
Research Interests
Neural stem cell biology and regenerative medicine

Dr. Morshead is a tenured Professor and Chair of the Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto. She is cross-appointed to the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research,  the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, and Rehabilitation Science Institute, and is a member of the Institute of Medical Science, Next Generation Precision Medicine (PRIME), Collaborative Program in Neuroscience (CIPIN) at the University of Toronto, and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (KITE) and the Center for Advancing Neurological Innovation to Application (CRANIA) at the University Health Network.

Graduate Faculty Member

Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME) 
Institute of Medical Science (IMS) 
Rehabilitation Sciences Institute (RSI) 
Donnelly Centre


Research Synopsis


Her expertise is in neural stem cell biology and regenerative medicine strategies to promote neural repair. 
- Understanding the fundamental biology of neural stem cells; their migration, cell kinetics, differentiation, and cell lineage dynamics. 
- Application of stem cell biology to regenerative medicine strategies through the development of stem cell-based strategies to treat disease and promote repair in models such as stroke, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injury.
- Application of bioengineering strategies (such as electric field application) to activate resident neural stem cells and enhance tissue repair and functional outcomes. 
- Examining cellular reprogramming strategies (the direct conversion of one cell type to another) to promote neural repair.



Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto
Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, (cross-appointment), University of Toronto
Institute of Biomedical Engineering, (cross-appointment), University of Toronto
Rehabilitation Science Institute, (cross-appointment), University of Toronto
KITE - Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network

Honours and Awards

Name: 2019 Lister Prize – Department of Surgery, University of Toronto


Awarded to an investigator who has shown outstanding and continuing productivity of international stature as evidenced by research publications, grants held, students trained and other evidence of stature of the work produced.

Name: 2019 Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentorship – mid-career

This award recognizes outstanding contribution to the training and experience of graduate students, as evidenced by excellence in teaching, supervision and mentorship and dedication to students

Name: 2018 Institute of Medical Sciences – 50 Faces

Celebrates those who have had a remarkable impact on the IMS in the last 50 years.     

Name: 2016 Excellence in Undergraduate teaching in Life Science Award

For sustained excellence in teaching, coordination and/or development of undergraduate lecture or seminar courses in Arts and Science offered by the Basic Science Departments in the Faculty of Medicine.



Course Number: ANA498Y, Department of Anatomy Research Project
Course Name: Mentoring and supervising undergraduate thesis project