Faculty Focus - Todd Mainprize

Todd Mainprize, MD, FRCSC

Dr. Mainprize graduated from the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine in 1996 as the recipient of the Lindsay Gold Medal Award. He entered the Neurosurgery Training Program at the University of Toronto the same year. After completing the residency with several years of basic science training, he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 2008. He joined the Neurosurgical Staff at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre in 2008 where his clinical interests focus on Neuro-oncology. He has a strong interest in medical student, resident and fellow education and serves as the Division's Fellowship Director at the city-wide level and Lead Fellowship Coordinator for the Division of Neurosurgery at Sunnybrook Hospital. Dr. Mainprize is happily married to Susan, a pharmacist originally from Vietnam. They have two boys, Graham 6 and Thomas 3, and one daughter Victoria 1.

Peer-Reviewed, Funded Grants

  • Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation (FUSF), 2011-2012.
    MR-guided focused ultrasound for in treating brain tumors.
    Mainprize T.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Etame AB, Diaz RJ, Smith CA, Mainprize TG, Hynynen K, Rutka JT. Focused ultrasound disruption of the blood-brain barrier: a new frontier for therapeutic delivery in molecular neurooncology. Neurosurg Focus. 2012: 32(1): E3. 
  • Mainprize TG, Bernstein M. Role of Surgery and Awake Craniotomy for Brain Metastasis. J Pain Management. 2011: 4(2): 159-67.
  • Tien HC, Jung V, Pinto R, Mainprize T, Scales DC, Rizoli SB. Reducing time-to-treatment decreases mortality of trauma patients with acute subdural hematoma. Ann Surg. 2011: 253(6): 1178-83.
  • Kongkham PN, Northcott PA, Ra YS, Nakahara Y, Mainprize TG, Croul SE, Smith CA, Taylor MD, Rutka JT. An epigenetic genome-wide screen identifies SPINT2 as a novel tumor suppressor gene in pediatric medulloblastoma. Cancer Res. 2008: 68(23): 9945-53.

Book Chapters

  • Mainprize TG, Bernstein M. "Bone and Brain Metastases: Advances in Research and Treatment." In: Bone and Brain Metastases: Advances in the Research and Treatment (Sahgal, Chow, Merrick, eds). Nova Science, New York, 2010. 

Selected Professional Activities

  • Associate Scientist, Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre
  • Fellowship Director, Division of Neurosurgery, University of Toronto
  • Lead Fellowship Coordinator, Division of Neurosurgery, Sunnybrook Hospital
  • Brain Sciences Executive, Neurosurgical Representative, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
  • Board Member, Neuro-oncology, Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation