Faculty Focus - Mark Bernstein


Mark Bernstein, MD, MHSc, FRCSC

Dr. Bernstein entered the Neurosurgical Training Program at the University of Toronto in 1976. During his residency he spent two years at the University of California San Francisco on an MRC (now CIHR) funded Research Fellowship at the Brain Tumor Research Center. He became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada in 1984. He is Professor in the Department of Surgery, and a neurosurgeon at the Toronto Western Hospital. His clinical practice focuses on neuro-oncology with research interests in innovative treatment strategies, outcomes, and medical ethics. In 2003 he obtained a MHSc in Bioethics and current CIHR grant supported research interests are focused on exploring various areas of bioethics using qualitative methodology. He is a committed educator and has won numerous teaching awards. He is also committed to international surgery and has been to the developing world many times as a neurosurgical educator. Dr. Bernstein is married to Lee Rolnick, originally a school teacher from Los Angeles, and they have 3 daughters, Lauren 31, Andrea 27, and Jody 25, and numerous canine children.


Areas of Interest and Expertise

Error and patient safety; ethics of introducing surgical innovation; neuroethics; priority setting; ethical issues in surgical education; conflict of interest; informed consent; research ethics; international surgery. 

Selected Publications

  • Cohen FL, Mendelsohn D, Bernstein M: Wrong-site craniotomy: Analysis of 35 cases and systems for prevention. Journal of Neurosurgery 113:461-473, 2010
  • Hayhurst C, Mendelsohn D, Bernstein M: Low grade glioma: a qualitative study of patients’ perspectives on the wait and see approach. Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 38:256-261, 2011
  • Lipsman N, Mendelsohn D, Taira T, Bernstein M: The contemporary practice of psychiatric surgery: Results from a survey of North American functional neurosurgeons, Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery 89:103-110, 2011
  • Purzner T, Purzner J, Massicotte EM, Bernstein M: Outpatient brain tumor surgery and spinal decompression: a prospective study of 1003 Patients. Neurosurgery 69:119-127, 2011
  • Bernstein M: Out of Africa, for now. Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 38:373-374, 2011


Selected Awards

  • George Armstrong-Peters Prize, University of Toronto
  • Stephen Mahaley Award, Joint Section on Tumors, AANS/CNS
  • Ross Fleming Surgical Educator Award
  • The Alan Hudson Teaching Award
  • Bruce Tovee Post-Graduate Teaching Award
  • Greg-Wilkins Barrick Chair in International Surgery


Media Highlights


Summary Information

Journal articles - 250
Book chapters - 40
Other articles - 140
Abstracts - 100
Invited lectures - 150