Surgeon Scientist Training Program Career Night

Mar 8, 2021
Department of Surgery

This workshop is not MANDATORY, but all residents in the SSTP should make a concerted effort to attend.

The first workshop is SSTP Career Planning and will be held on Monday March 8 from 5 – 7 pm. It is being organized by two of our SSTP residents who represent you at the Research Committee Meetings (Douglas Cheung & Laureen Hachem). A draft agenda is being worked on. They have invited several esteemed staff members who were in the SSTP and can give extremely valuable advise to all.



Monday March 8, 2021 - 5-7pm

Opening Remarks & Welcome (5:00 – 5:10pm) – Dr. Michael Fehlings

Speaker Introductions (5:10-5:20pm) – Faculty Speakers

(“One thing I wish I knew as a Resident Surgeon Scientist Trainee”)


Panel Discussion (5:20-6:50pm; 15 minutes per topic) – Faculty Speakers

• Fellowship Selection (5:20-5:35)

o What should trainees look for when choosing a clinical fellowship?

o How can trainees be effective in securing fellowships?

o Are there any pertinent risks/benefits to choosing fellowships in the US or internationally?

• Job Search & Contract Negotiation (5:35-5:50)

o What are effective ways for trainees to market themselves?

o Does your social media, LinkedIn, etc. play a role in your professional portfolio / should residents be curating their online presence?

o What are effective ways to negotiate a contract (e.g. securing protected research time, lab space, start-up funds, teaching responsibilities)?

• Early Career Funding (5:50-6:05)

o How can new surgeon-scientists/investigators be successful in obtaining early career funding?

o Do you foresee any upcoming changes to the way early career investigators are funded?

• Transitioning to Faculty and Independent Practice (6:05-6:20)

o What unexpected obstacles did you face when transitioning to faculty?

o What are key considerations when starting your clinical practice? 

• Achieving a Clinical-Research Life Balance (6:20-6:35)

o What is your clinical-research balance and what structures are in place to achieve it?

• Entrepreneurship (6:35-6:50)

o What are the benefits of IP protection in research? 

o What are some strategies to engage industry partners in order to commercialize your research?


Open Q&A (6:50-7:00) - Zoom Attendees / Zoom Chat

Closing Remarks (7:00-7:05) - Dr. Michael Fehlings, Laureen Hachem, Douglas Cheung

Faculty Speakers 

Dr. Michael Fehlings  
Dr. Thomas Forbes
Dr. Rebecca Gladdy
Dr. Marc Jeschke
Dr. Girish Kulkarni
Dr. James Rutka
Dr. Jefferson Wilson
Dr. Gelareh Zadeh