Fellowship in Spinal Neurosurgery (St. Michael's Hospital)

Division of Neurosurgery, University of Toronto
St. Michael's Hospital


Howard Ginsberg

Term of Appointment

1 year minimum, preferably 2 years

Positions Available

Funded posts for 1 fellow per year.


St. Michael’s Hospital is a teaching hospital of the University of Toronto located in downtown Toronto.  The Division of Neurosurgery is the most active in Canada, performing procedures in cerebrovascular, neurooncology, skull base, pituitary, spinal, peripheral nerve, microvascular, trauma and cranial nerves.  Undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University rotate through the service.  Research in a variety of areas is undertaken.  Research is an essential and major component of each Fellowship.


  • By the end of the Fellowship, the Fellow will have mastered the following spinal neurosurgical procedures:
    • Odontoid screws and occipital-cervical fusions
    • Cervical and thoracic decompressions and fusions
    • Retropleural/retroperitoneal/transthoracic spine exposure, decompression and fusion with anterior plates, strut grafts, posterior pedicle screws
    • TLIF
    • Intra and extradural spinal tumors, Chiari decompression and treatment of syringomyelia
    • Spinal vascular lesions
  • The Fellow will have mastered techniques of researching a problem, developing a research methodology, carrying this through to completion, and demonstrate the ability to express his or her findings in spoken and written form.
  • Attendance at outpatient clinics and involvement in clinical research are essential points of the Fellowship.
  • Fellows at the University of Toronto are expected to be participants in the first on call duty roster for in-hospital call duty.
  • Involvement in the teaching of the Division is also expected.
  • Senior and Chief Neurosurgical residents have the final decision in assigning housestaff and Fellow to particular surgical cases.


The usual starting date is July 1st of the Fellowship year; however, this may be flexible depending on particular circumstances.  Fellows with a clinical educational licence will spend time in clinical duties (clinics, ICU, ward, emergency and operating room), research and teaching activities.  Fellows without a clinical educational licence will spend time primarily in research and teaching activities.  Salary commensurate with level and type of training.

Contact Information

Howard Ginsberg, MD, PhD, FRCSC
St. Michael's Hospital
Division of Neurosurgery
30 Bond Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1W8

Application Procedure

Please submit the following by email to the Fellowship Contact:

  • CV
  • Letters of reference (3)
  • Proposed start date
  • Proposed duration of fellowship
  • Details of any self-funding for the fellowship
  • Specific title and hospital of the fellowship for which you are applying