Charles Tator inducted Into the Sports Hall of Fame

Dr. Tator is a world renowned expert on sports concussions and spinal cord injury, prevention and treatment research. He is an advocate for stronger regulations around head shots in hockey and his laboratory was the first in Canada to study acute spinal cord injury. Dr. Tator founded ThinkFirst Canada in 1992, an organization that educates youngsters about safety, and helped develop the Canadian Brain and Nerve Health Coalition in 2002.
Nov 9 / 2017

The Bethune Round Table in Global Surgery

The Bethune Round Table in Global Surgery FRIDAY MAY 25TH 2018 - SUNDAY MAY 27TH 2018 THE ROLE OF THE TRAINEE
Nov 9 / 2017

“My goal remains the same: to train and coach people to become better than me.” Dr Fehlings' interview at AOSpine Newsletter

Michael Fehlings shares insights on leadership, gives advice for less experienced surgeons and tells what inspires him. Read more here
Nov 3 / 2017

Dr. Trisha Roy winner of the Potchen Award

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Oct 10 / 2017
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