Gallie Day Award Recipients

Past recipients of various awards given within the Deparment to acknowledge the outstanding accomplishments of it's members. 

Charles Tator Surgeon Scientist Mentoring Award

The Surgeon Scientist Program (SSP) at the University of Toronto was created to foster excellence in Research in the Department of Surgery. The successes of the Program have been reflected through the quality of research presented by the trainees, and by the fact that this Program has served as a model for Clinician-Scientist training throughout North America. A significant component of the success of this program has been the quality of research supervision received by these trainees. 

Professor Charles H. Tator has served as a role model for Surgeon-Scientists throughout his career both locally and across the country. His commitment to the development of future Surgeon-Scientists has been demonstrated by his frequent supervision of surgeon-scientist trainees as well as by his nurturing of the SSP during his tenure as Head of the Departmental Research Program.

The Charles H. Tator Surgeon-Scientist Mentoring Award is intended to recognize individuals supervising participants in the SSP who emulate Professor Tator’s qualities, namely excellence in Research, commitment to SSP mentoring and dedication to promotion of Surgeon-Scientists. The recipient will be honoured each year on Gallie Day with a plaque and a citation indicating contributions of the recipient. Candidates will be nominated by present or past members of the Surgeon-Scientist Program. 

To propose an individual for this award, one nomination letter outlining the candidate’s qualifications plus two supporting letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the candidate’s qualifications should be sent to Val Cabral (



2018  Dr. Carol Swallow

2017  Dr. M. Al-Omran

2016  Dr. T. Grantcharov

2015  Dr. S. Fremes

2014  Dr. A. Nathens

2013  Dr. M. Fehlings

2012  Dr. A. Yee & Dr. C. Whyne

2011  Dr. B. Alman

2010  Dr. R. Reznick

2009  Dr. G. Regehr

2008  Dr. J. Fish

2007  Dr. J. Marshall

2006  Dr. J. Rutka

2005  Dr. S. Gallinger

2004  Dr. R. McLeod

2003  Dr. O. Rotstein

2002  Dr. R. Weisel

George Armstrong-Peters Prize

Awarded to a young investigator* who has shown outstanding productivity during his/her initial period as an independent investigator as evidenced by research publications in peer reviewed journals, grants held, and students trained.

*Up to 5 years


2018         Dr. Catherine O'Brien
2017         Dr. V. Yang
2016         Dr. T. Zhong
2015         Dr. M Cypel
2014         Dr. G. Borschel
2013         Dr. M. Jeschke
2012         Dr. T. Grantcharov
2011         Dr. M. Taylor
2010         Dr. S. Verma
2009         Dr. R. Nam
2008         Dr. C. Morshead
2007         Dr. V. Rao
2006         Dr. D. Urbach
2005         Dr. P. Dirks
2004         Dr. T. Waddell
2003         Dr. L. Burrows
2002         Dr. M. Tymianski
2001         Dr. B. Alman
2000         Dr. E. Schemitsch
1999         Dr. S. Keshavjee
1998         Dr. A. Guha
1997         Dr. A. Lozano
1996         Dr. J. Wright
1995         Dr. S. Gallinger
1994         Dr. J. Rutka
1993         Dr. I. Rebeyka
1992         Dr. S.Fremes
1991         Dr. C. Wittnich
1990         Dr. M. Bernstein
1989         Dr. G. Reid
1988         Dr. O. Rotstein
1987         Dr. S. Mackinnon
1986         Dr. A. Czitrom
1975         Dr. S.M. Strasberg
1967         Dr. W.P. Bobechko
1965         Dr. C. Tator
1963         Dr. N.T. McPhedran
1961         Dr. A.S. Trimble
1959         Dr. R.B. Salter
1955         Dr. W.M. Lougheed
1953         Dr. J.F.R. Fleming
1951         Dr. R.O. Heimbecker
1949         Dr. W.G. Bigelow
1947         Dr. E.B. Tovee
1939         Dr. E.H. Botterell
1936         Dr. C.H. Watson
1934         Dr. F.I. Lewis
1932         Dr. W.S. Keith
1930         Dr. F.G. Kergin
1929         Dr. L.J. Harris
1928         Dr. B. Willinsky
1927         Dr. H. Borsook
1926         Dr. D.W. Pratt
1925         Dr. C.E. Knowlton
1922         Dr. F.G. Banting
1921         Dr. R.I. Harris
1914         Dr. W.E. Gallie
1912         Dr. D.E. Robertson

Lister Prize

Awarded to an investigator who has shown outstanding and continuing productivity of international stature as evidenced by research publications, grants held, students trained and other evidence of stature of the work produced.


2018         Dr. Marc Jeschke
2017         Dr. G. Fernie
2016         Dr. M. Taylor
2015         Dr. E. Schemitsch
2014         Dr. L. Klotz
2013         Dr. A. Nathens
2012         Dr. R-K Li
2011         Dr. T. Waddell
2010         Dr. B. Rubin
2009         Dr. A. Guha
2008         Dr. S. Keshavjee
2007         Dr. M. Fehlings
2006         Dr. B. Alman
2005         Dr. S. Fremes
2004         Dr. A. Lozano
2003         Dr. S. Gallinger
2002         Dr. J. Wright
2001         Dr. J. Rutka
2000         Dr. C. Wittnich
1999         Dr. J. Marshall
1998         Dr. W. Cole
1997         Dr. W. Peters
1996         Dr. R. Reznick
1995         Dr. R. McLeod
1994         Dr. L. Mickleborough
1993         Dr. H. Hoffman
1992         Dr. O. Rotstein
1991         Dr. P. Walker
1990         Dr. S. Mackinnon
1989         Dr. R. Weisel
1988         Dr. T. Salerno
1987         Dr. R. Tasker
1986         Professor J. Falk
1985         Dr. J. Cooper
1984         Dr. K.W. Johnston
1983         None
1982         Dr. C. Tator
1981         Dr. S. Strasberg
1980         Dr. R. Falk


D.R. Wilson Award

The D.R. Wilson Award for Teaching is made annually to the surgical resident who is rated by undergraduate students as being an outstanding teacher. The recipient of this award will be a resident whose teaching in any one of all of the following settings has been highly evaluated by students: teaching on the ward during the course of day-to-day service activities, teaching in the operating room, and teaching in the clinic setting. The resident will demonstrate both a positive attitude toward teaching and will be considered a good surgical role model for undergraduate medical students.


The quality of the candidate’s teaching will be determined by means of the following:

Objective student assessment (by questionnaire).
Review of clerkship debriefing reports.
Letters of recommendation from students and/or faculty.

Nominations may be made by students, faculty or residents in writing to the Director of Undergraduate Education. All nominations are reviewed by the Undergraduate Education Committee and a list ranking the candidates is provided to the Chairman of the Department for final selection.

The D.R. Wilson Award is awarded at the Gallie Day Reception. The recipients receive a cheque for $500.



2018        Dr. Ryan Perlus

2017        Dr. M. Murphy

2016         Dr. J. Greenberg & Dr. K. Isaac

2015         Dr. H. Yan

2014         Dr. J. Lee

2013         Dr. R. Somogyi

2012         Dr. M. Heng

2011         Dr. T. Al-Rasheed

2010         Dr. R. Jinnah

2009         Dr. M. Keays

2008         Dr. M. Boulton

2007         Dr. A. Eckhaus  

2006         Dr. S. Rai 

2005         Dr. P. Stotland

2004         Dr. A. Kader 

2003         Dr. B. Shayegan  

2002         Dr. Y. Botros

2001         Dr. P. Ferguson  

2000         Dr. C. Haywood  

1999         Dr. J. Lipa 

1998         Dr. R. Marx  

1997         Dr. S. Lewis  

1996         Dr. P. Chu 

1995         Dr. P. Petrasek  

1994         Dr. Z. Gamliel 

1993         Dr. D. Anastakis  

1992         Dr. C. Hutchison  

1991         Dr. G. Sandor 

1990         Dr. K. Ashe 

1989         Dr. E. Vallieres  

1988         Dr. J. Wright

Bruce Tovee Award

The establishment of this award is intended to honour a highly valued and long-time member of the Department of Surgery, Dr. E. Bruce Tovee. The award is to be made annually on recommendation of the Chairman of the Department of Surgery as per the following conditions: 

Without imposing any restrictions upon this donation, it is requested that it be used to provide for a suitable memento to be awarded to an academic staff member of the Department of Surgery who has made the greatest contribution to the educational activities of the Department, as exemplified by Dr. E. Bruce Tovee during his outstanding career. The Department resumes the right to make no award if a suitable recipient is not found.


YEAR        AWARD WINNERS (Postgraduate)           

2018        Dr. Mitch Brown

2017        Dr. R. Stewart

2016         Dr. G. Azzie

2015         Dr. A. Pierre

2014         Dr. O. Safir

2013         Dr. J. Hagen

2012         Dr. P. Ferguson

2011         Dr. W. Kraemer

2010         Dr. R. Mustard

2009         Dr. C. Law                     

2008         Dr. R. Kodama                 

2007         Dr. R. Levine                   

2006         Dr. J. Wunder                  

2005         Dr. D. Latter                   

2004         Dr. T. Ross                     

2003         Dr. J. Fish                      

2002         Dr. K.W. Johnston           

2001         Dr. M. Bernstein              

2000         Dr. B. Goldman                

1999         Dr. J. Ali                        

1998         Dr. R. Bell                      

1997         Dr. A. Gross                   

1996         Dr. T. Axelrod                 

1995         Dr. W. Tucker                 

1994         Dr. J. Waddell                 

1993         Dr. R. Humphreys            

1992         Dr. A. Lossing                

1991         Dr. R. Richards                

1990         Dr. J. Kellam                   

1989         Dr. B. Taylor                   

1988         Dr. L. Lickley 

1987         Dr. R.M. Stone 

1986         Dr. G.A. Hunter 

1985         Dr. A. Freiberg 

1984         Dr. D.J. Currie 

1983         Dr. J.L. Provan 

1982         Dr. C.E. Bayliss 

1981         Dr. A.W. Harrison 

1980         Dr. A.R. Hudson 


YEAR        AWARD WINNERS (Undergraduate)

2018        Dr. Fuad Moussa

2017        Dr. J. Hall

2016        Dr. D. Di Pasquale

2015        Dr. H. Tien

2014        Dr. D. Fenech

2013        Dr. R.J. Cusimano

2012        Dr. G. Azzie

2011        Dr. F. Wright

2010        Dr. R. Stewart

2009        Dr. Y. Shargall

2008        Dr. P. Ferguson

2007        Dr. A. Khoury

2006        Dr. R. Richards

2005        Dr. D. Backstein

2004        Dr. P. Chu

2003        Dr. R. Mustard

2002        Dr. S. Herschorn

2001        Dr. T. Ross

2000        Dr. G. Darling

1999        Dr. M. Cusimano

1998        Dr. R. Kodama

1997        Dr. C. Hutchison

1996        Dr. P. Greig

1995        Dr. M. Goldberg

1994        Dr. J. Waddell

1993        Dr. P. Muller

1992        Dr. L. Mahoney

1991        Dr. C. Jamieson

1990        Dr. W. Tucker

1989        Dr. R. Reznick

Langer Surgeon Scientist Award

Awarded to an outstanding graduate of the Surgeon Scientist Program in the Department of Surgery, who shows the greatest promise for a career in academic surgery. 



2018         Dr. Jas Chahal

2017         Dr. F. Quereshy

2016         Dr. A. Govindarajan

2015         Dr. G. Kulkarni

2014         Dr. G. Zadeh

2013         Dr. C-A. Moulton

2012         Dr. M. Hodaie

2011         Dr. T. Finelli

2010         Dr. R. Gladdy

2009         Dr. S. Hopyan

2008         Dr. M. Taylor 

2007         Dr. N. Baxter 

2006         Dr. R. Nam 

2005         Dr. I. McGilvray 

2004         Dr. D. Urbach 

2003         Dr. P. Dirks 

2002         Dr. R. Gryfe 

2001         Dr. K. Thapar 

2000         Dr. D. Hackam 

1999         Dr. V. Rao 

1998         Dr. Z. Kiss 

1997         Dr. T. Waddell 

1996         Dr. R. Midha 

1995         Dr. M. Tymianski 

1994         Dr. B. Rubin 

1993         Dr. C. Swallow 

Surgical Skills Centre DH Gales Outstanding Educator Award

The University of Toronto Surgical Skills Centre Distinguished Education Award for Outstanding Contributions demonstrates the Centre’s commitment to surgical skills education. This award recognizes those individuals who have made exemplary, innovative contributions to teaching and learning in the Surgical Skills Centre over the past year.


2018        Dr. Ab Kulkarni

2017        Dr. G. Cohen

2016         Dr. S. de Montbrun

2015         Dr. J. Hall

2014         Dr. G. Oreopoulos

2013         Dr. M. Burnstein

2012         Dr. H. MacRae

2011         No recipient

2010         Dr. R. Holtby

2009         Dr. P. Binhammer

2008         Dr. J. Murnaghan 

2007         Dr. A. Pierre 

2006         Dr. T. Lindsay 

2005         Dr. S. Lewis 

2004         Dr. P. Neligan 

2003         Dr. P. Chu 

2002         Dr. L. Rotstein 

2001         Dr. S. Radomski 

2000         Dr. M. Brown 


Zane Cohen Clinical Fellowship Achievement Award

The Department of Surgery is pleased to announce a new award oriented toward clinical fellows. Dr Zane Cohen has made a generous donation to enable this award of $1,000 to be awarded annually.

Clinical fellows in our Department often achieve significant accomplishments, which until now have gone unrecognized. This award is to be awarded annually, in perpetuity. The award will be adjudicated based on an assessment of the most significant achievement made by a clinical fellow. Achievement will be defined as any significant contribution made in any of the domains of medicine: clinical research, basic science research, publications, presentations, medical education/teaching, medical administrative systems, delivery of medical care, medical related community service, etc. The achievement or work may have taken place at the University of Toronto, in Canada, or in any international jurisdiction. The only limiting definition is that the majority of the work must take place while the clinical fellow is a clinical fellow in the Department of Surgery.

The process in which the selection will be made is as follows. The applicant, or the clinical fellow’s supervisor, may initiate the process. The clinical fellow is asked to write a one-page summary of the achievement and this is to be supplemented by a one-page letter of support from the clinical fellow’s supervisor. This application will be submitted to the Clinical Fellowship Coordinator of the division of the clinical fellow. Each of the 8 divisions in our Department will then select one nominee application from their division to be submitted to the selection committee comprised of Dr Zane Cohen, the Chair of the Department, and the Director of Clinical Fellowship of the Department. The award will be announced at the annual Gallie Day Dinner. The application deadline will be March 31st of each year.

This award is eligible to any clinical fellow in the divisions of Orthopedics, General Surgery, Urology, Vascular Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Neurosurgery. As well, postgraduate trainees (clinical fellows and residents) in the surgical subspecialties training programs of Surgical Oncology, Colo-Rectal Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, and Vascular Surgery are eligible.


2018            Dr. Joao Paulo Cavalcante de Almedia

2017            Dr. C. Boulanger-Gobeil

2016            Dr. C. Haller

2015            Dr. U. Hameed

2014            Dr. N. Dehghan

2013            Dr. D. Wasserstein

2012            Dr. B. Rogers & Dr. B. Krischek

2011            Dr. E. Hickey

2010            Dr. O. Honjo

2009            Dr. M. Cypel

Shafie S. Fazel Outstanding Resident Surgeon and Investigator Award

In memory of Dr. Shafie S. Fazel, outstanding resident within the Division of Cardiac Surgery, University of Toronto. The award will be presented annually to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments during their residency both as a surgeon and as an investigator. It will be provided to a senior resident within the Department of Surgery, University of Toronto, in his or her last year of training.

The award is to be presented to the individual who best exemplifies the many traits of Dr. Shafie Fazel, namely: 1/ Outstanding clinical ability; 2/ Superb academic achievement; and 3/ Attributes which are in keeping with the ideal caregiver, including: collaboration, communication, mentorship, patient advocacy, leadership, reliability, respect, community service, and honesty.


2018            Dr. Christopher Witiw

2017            Dr. A. Mansouri

2016             Dr. N. Lipsman

2015             Dr. J. Wilson

2014             Dr. A. Fallah

2013             Dr. W. Hanna

2012             Dr. K. Davidge


Bryce Taylor Mentorship Award

Mentorship is recognized as being a key contributor to a fulfilling academic career. To highlight its importance in theDepartment of Surgery, the Bryce Taylor Mentorship Award was established in 2017 to recognize those faculty members who emulate the traits that Dr.Taylor exhibited throughout his long and illustrious career at the University of Toronto.

YEAR                                      AWARD RECIPIENT

2018                                       Dr. Nancy Baxter

2017                                       Dr. Paul Greig

Gallie-Bateman Awardees

2018 Gallie Bateman Awardees

Oral Presentation Awardees

1st prizeAshton A Connor (SSTP) (Supervisor: Steven Gallinger)

2nd prizeAlaina Garbens (SSTP) (Supervisor: Teodor Grantcharov)

3rd prizeDerrick Y. Tam (SSTP) (Supervisor: Stephen E. Fremes)

E-Poster Presentation Awardees

1st prize two-way tie:

  •    Keith Lawson (SSTP) (Supervisors: Jason Moffat, Laurie Ailles)
  •    Joseph Catapano (SSTP) (Supervisor: Gregoary H. Borschel)

2nd prizeChristopher J.D. Wallis (SSTP) (Supervisor: Raj Satkunasivam)

3rd prize two-way tie

  •    Mitchell G. Goldenberg (SSTP) (Supervisor: Teodor P. Grantcharov)
  •    Michael S. Taccone (SSTP) (Supervisor: James T. Rutka)


2017 Gallie Bateman Awardees

Oral Presentation Awardees

1st prize – James P. Byrne (SSTP) (Supervisor: Avery B. Nathens) 

2nd prize – Joseph Catapano (SSTP) (Supervisor: Gregory H. Borschel)

3rd prize – Dale Podolsky (SSTP) (Supervisors: James Drake, Christopher Forrest)

E-Poster Presentation Awardees

1st prize – Sean A. Crawford (SSTP) (Supervisor: Thomas L. Forbes) 

2nd prize – Christopher J.D. Wallis (SSTP) (Supervisor: Robert K. Nam) 

3rd prize – Mohamad A. Hussain (SSTP) (Supervisor: Mohammed Al-Omran)


2016 Gallie Bateman Awardees

Oral Presentation Awardees

1st prize two-way tie

  • Marisa Louridas (SSTP) (Supervisor: Teodor P. Grantcharov)
  • Kim Tsoi (SSTP) (Supervisors: Benjamin A. Alman, Warren Chan)

2nd prizeMohamad A Hussain (SSTP) (Supervisor: Mohammed Al-Omran)

3rd prize – James P. Byrne (SSTP) (Supervisor: Avery B. Nathens) 

E-Poster Presentation Awardees

1st prize – Peter Szasz (SSTP) (Supervisor: Teodor P. Grantcharov)

2nd prize – James J. Jung (SSTP) (Supervisor: Teodor P. Grantcharov)

3rd prize – Stephanie Mason (SSTP) (Supervisors: Avery B. Nathens, Marc Jeschke)


2015 Gallie Bateman Awardees

Oral Presentation Awardees

1st prize – Karineh Kazazian (SSTP) (Supervisor: Carol J. Swallow)

2nd prize – Andrea M. Covelli (SSTP) (Supervisors: Nancy N. Baxter, Frances C. Wright)

3rd prize – James P. Byrne (SSTP) (Supervisor: Avery B. Nathens)

E-Poster Presentation Awardees

1st E-Poster prize – Dale Podolsky (SSTP) (Supervisors: James Drake, Christopher Forrest)

2nd prize two-way tie

  • Natashia M. Seemann (SSTP) (Supervisor: Carol-Anne Moulton)
  • Ashton A. Connor (SSTP) (Supervisor: Steven Gallinger)


2014 Gallie Bateman Awardees

1st prize – David W. Cadotte (SSTP) (Supervisor: Michael G. Fehlings) – Oral presentation

2nd prize – Jennica Platt (SSTP) (Supervisor: Toni Zhong)Oral presentation

3rd prize – Marisa Louridas (SSTP) (Supervisor: Teodor P. Grantcharov)Oral presentation

4th prize – Chethan Sathya (SSTP) (Supervisor: Avery B. Nathens)Poster presentation


2013 Gallie Bateman Awardees

1st prize – Two-way tie –

  • Boris Zevin (SSTP) (Supervisor: Teodor P. Grantcharov)
  • Siba Haykal (SSTP) (Supervisors:  Thomas K. Waddell, Stefan O. Hofer)

2nd prize – Two-way tie – 

  • Marvin Hsiao (SSTP) (Supervisors: Avery B. Nathens, Prabhat Jha)     
  • Karineh Kazazian (SSTP) (Supervisor: Carol Swallow)     

Third Prize – 3-way tie –

  • Nir Lipsman (SSTP) (Supervisor: Andres M. Lozano)
  • Bheeshma Ravi (SSTP) (Supervisor: Gillian Hawker)
  • Jefferson R. Wilson (SSTP) (Supervisor: Michael G. Fehlings)


2012 Gallie Bateman Awardees

1st prize – Jonathan Yeung (SSP) (Supervisor: Shaf Keshavjee) – Oral presentation

2nd prize – Two-way tie –

  • Lakhbir Sandhu (SSP) – [Supervisor: David Urbach]) – Poster presentation
  • Francis Zih (Supervisor: Carol Swallow) – Oral presentation

3rd prize – Nathan Perlis (SSP) (Supervisor: Antonio Finelli) – Oral presentation


2011 Gallie Bateman Awardees

1st prize - Adrienne Weeks (SSP) (Supervisor: James T. Rutka) – Oral presentation

2nd prize - Eisar Al-Sukhni (SSP) (Supervisors: Robin McLeod, Erin Kennedy) – Poster presentation

3rd prize – 3-way tie –

  • Barbara Haas (SSP) (Supervisor: Avery B. Nathens) – Oral presentation
  • Gregory W.J. Hawryluk (SSP) (Supervisor: Michael G. Fehlings) – Oral presentation
  • Siba Haykal (SSP) (Supervisors: Stefan O.P. Hofer, Thomas K. Waddell) – Poster presentation

2010 Gallie Bateman Awardees

1st prizeDouglas J. (DJ) Cook (SSP) (Supervisor: Michael Tymianski)

2nd prizeMitesh V. Badiwala (SSP) (Supervisor: Vivek Rao)

3rd prize – Two-way tie –

  • Vanessa N. Palter (SSTP) (Supervisor: Teodor P. Grantcharov)
  • Ali Zahrai (Supervisor: Valerie Palda)


2009 Gallie-Bateman Awardee

1st prize – Paul Kongkham (SSP) (Supervisor: James T. Rutka)

2nd prize – Adrian W. Laxton (SSP) (Supervisor: Andres M. Lozano)

3rd prize – Kristen Davidge (SSP) (Supervisors: Jay S. Wunder, Aileen Davis)


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