Spine Program Strategic Planning Retreat

Dec 4, 2017

Spine Program



The Strategic Planning Summit will be held at the Univeristy Club of Toronto. The event is exclusive and by invitation.


The U of T Spine Program Council has been created with leadership from the Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network (TAHSN) spinal units and representation from the University of Toronto clinical, scientific, and academic community. The Program Council considers research, education and service delivery issues related to enhancing spinal care.


The U of T Spine Program is approaching ten years since it was initially launched.  There have been many achievements clinically, academically and in areas of research and innovation.  The Summit will provide the opportunity to highlight these accomplishments and to collectively shape a vision and strategic directions for the Spine Program for next three to five years. 


The Summit will provide an opportunity for dialogue and will be organized into three sessions focused on the following:

  • Leadership in Education and Scholarship – including the evolving city-wide fellowship program, leadership opportunities in competency based education and opportunities to advance education research and scholarship;
  • Optimizing clinical practices in a changing environment – discussing key issues in clinical practice and organization with a diverse panel of leaders from the Ministry, Criticall and Cancer Care Ontario and the spine community;
  • Advancing spine research and innovation - exploring strategies to leverage the strength of the U of T Spine Program, including creating successful team grants, enhancing cross-institutional clinical and translational research in treatment of spinal disease and a clinical research unit for Spine. 


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