Technical Staff

BellLaboratory Manager: Ian C. Bell

He is the Laboratory Manager for the Division of Anatomy. He is in charge of the largest Anatomy Division in Canada with three full-time technicians, prosectors, work-study students and volunteers. He oversees the management and allocation of cadaveric material for the Division. He directs the day-to-day operations of the Division including personnel and laboratory use. He also manages the cadaveric material required for surgical resident/post-graduate training at the Surgical Skills Center at Mount Sinai Hospital and various hospitals throughout the Greater Toronto Area. 







BolaAnatomy Prosector: Harun Bola 

He dissects and prepares anatomical specimensfor the demonstration and examination of gross anatomy for all health caredisciplines. He is a demonstrator of human gross anatomy for the KinesiologyProfessional Placement Program (KPE355Y/455Y).








MatiasAnatomy Coordinator/Technician: Sarah Matias

She is the Division Coordinator. She providesadministrative support for the Willed Body Donation Program and operations ofthe Anatomy facilities. She is responsible for the screening and handling ofall Willed Body Donation enquiries, files and documents; arranging andcoordinating Program logistics, including the Division of Anatomy’s annualMemorial Service; overseeing and maintaining the Grant’s Museum and theAnatomical Specimen collection.







sutherlandDivisional Administrator: Elizabeth Sutherland 

She manages the financial details and human resources for the Division of Anatomy.  As well, she is the Undergraduate Administrator for Arts and Science courses ANA300Y, ANA301H, ANA320H, ANA400Y,ANA498Y. 








LoganAnatomy Technician: Logan Richard

He is the Division of Anatomy’s Medical Technician. His role is to oversee the maintenance of the anatomy satellite facility at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) campus; to  prepare and maintain anatomical specimens used in the undergraduate medical program and to act as an anatomy resource, assisting in gross anatomy, histology and neuroanatomy instruction at the UTM facility and Division of Anatomy.

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