James J. Jung

Jung, JamesMSc (IHPME)
General Surgery
St. Michael’s Hospital
Supervisor: Dr. Teodor Grantcharov

Research Focus: Since April 2014, our group startedprospective observation of consecutive patients undergoing surgery in anoperating room equipped with a synchronized multi-port recording system calledthe OR Black Box. Independent research analysts measure technical andnon-technical performance of the OR team, perform human factor analysis, andidentify intraoperative adverse events using the OR Black Box recordings. Ourmain research objectives are the following:

1. Measure severityof intraoperative adverse events with respect to their potential to causepatient harm.

2. Investigate therelationship between intraoperative adverse events and postoperative patientoutcomes.

3.Design and implement targeted intervention based on the OR Black Box analysisto help improve OR team performance and patient safety.