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The Research Committee of the Department of Surgery shall represent the research interests of all members of the Department of Surgery across the Health Sciences Complex (HSC) of the University of Toronto. The Chair of the Committee will be selected by the Departmental Chair of Surgery and will function as the Vice Chair Research for the Department. The Chair of the Department in consultation with the Vice Chair Research and the Senior Advisory Committee of the Department will select members of the Committee. A Department Research Coordinator will be assigned to the Committee to manage its activities.

The major functions of the Research Committee are:

• to develop general research policies for the Departmental members across the HSC
• to harmonize the broad-based research interests of the Department across the HSC
• to facilitate communication regarding research matters within the Department
• to oversee the activities of the Surgeon Scientist Program and Gallie-Bateman Research Resident Competition
• to make recommendations to the Chair of the Department regarding research awards, research grants, visiting professors, structure of research events
• to develop retreats and symposia which augment quality and quantity of Research in the Department
• to monitor the progress of new faculty in the Department

The Research Office of the Department will work closely with the Research Committee to co-ordinate Research activities. The main functions of the Research Office are:

• to maintain the Departmental database of grants and awards and communicate this information as required to the University, Hospitals and Departmental members
• to manage the Surgeon Scientist Program, including maintenance of a database, co-ordinating of the admission process, interacting with University Graduate Departments, regarding student admission, co-ordination with Royal College Clinician Investigator Program, and communication with individual Surgeon Scientist trainees
• to disseminate information regarding funding opportunities to students and Faculty
• to promote Summer Student research opportunities in the Department


Dr. Michael G. Fehlings (Chair)

Dr. Christopher Ahuja – NS SSTP Rep

Dr. Darius Bagli – Urology

Dr. Nancy Baxter – GS

Dr. Gregory Borschel – PRS

Dr. James Byrne – GS SSTP Rep

Mrs. Val Cabral – Res Program Manager

Dr. Marcelo Cypel – TS

Dr. Marc de Perrot – TS

Dr. Peter Dirks – NS

Dr. Mark Erwin - NS

Dr. Thomas Forbes – VS

Dr. Rebecca Gladdy - GS

Dr. Andras Kapus – GS

Dr. Paul Karanicolas - GS

Dr. Paulo Koeberle – Anatomy

Dr. Girish Kulkarni – Urology

Dr. Ren-Ke Li – CS

Dr. Andrea McCart – GS

Dr. James Rutka – NS

Dr. Albert Yee – OS

Dr. Gelareh Zadeh – NS