The Department of Surgery's Quality and Best Practices committee is aligned with the goals and mission of  Health Quality Ontario  (HQO)  to create a medical culture in which changes lead to improved patient outcomes, stronger performing systems, and professional development.

Who We Are

The Department of Surgery's formal Quality & Best Practices (QBP) program is lead by Dr. Robin McLeod, Vice Chair of Quality & Best Practices at the University of Toronto and Vice President of Clinical Programs & Quality Initiatives at Cancer Care Ontario. 

 An official planning committee consists of all Division Chairs within the Department of Surgery, and 1-2 representatives from each Division who have established career pathways in the field of surgical Quality Improvement.


Cardiac Surgery: Glen Van Arsdell, Chris Feindel, Ed Hickey

General Surgery: Tim Jackson, David Urbach

Neurosurgery: Michael Cusimano

Orthopaedic Surgery: Hans Kreder

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: Karen Wong, John Semple

Thoracic Surgery: Najib Safieddine

Urology: Tony Finelli

Vascular Surgery: Joe Pappia, Graham Roche-Nagle