Office of International Surgery

Who We Are: Our Mission & Values

The Department of Surgery at U of T has provided surgical expertise around the globe, with the ultimate goal of reducing inequities and improving access to quality healthcare in developing nations.

As the world becomes more interconnected, we have prioritized building local capacity in a strategic manner. With this approach, we are proud to offer an academic pathway for our residents, support for our faculty who dedicate their time abroad, host relevant events, and engage in meaningful partnerships that align with our dedication to social responsibility.


How We Began:

Drs. Andrew Howard and Massey Beveridge spearheaded the establishment of The Office of International Surgery (OIS); the Department’s first efforts in formalizing their global presence. The founding premise was to provide the opportunity for creating lasting impact in developing nations through improved health systems, education of local healthcare providers, political and social advocacy, and formalized partnerships with governments and/or educational institutions. 

Efforts Abroad

Global Surgery Prospectus