Mentoring Program

The Department of Surgery Mentoring Program

Under the supervision of Dr. Ori Rotstein and Dr. Paul Greig, the Department of Surgery is excited to announce the commencement of its formal mentoring program.

What is our mission?
To provide each faculty member with an equal opportunity to fulfill one’s career potential through appropriate guidance and mentorship
To provide mentors with ongoing resources and training, as well as to recognize and reward the contribution of its participants.

Why make mentoring a priority?
The number of faculty members in the Department of Surgery has grown significantly over the past several years, both through new recruitment efforts and the expansion of community-affiliated teaching sites. The engagement and support of these valuable individuals is a top priority for the Department – whether one is at the early, middle, or later stage of one’s career path.
The literature continues to illustrate the increased productivity and success of faculty members who receive formal mentoring from more senior colleagues.
Mentoring also ensures transparency surrounding job descriptions and expectations, supports career advancement, and strengthens the quality of camaraderie across the Department of Surgery. 

Benefits for Mentees

Benefits for Mentors

• Realistic goal setting and attainment with respect to time, effort, and resources

• Increased self-efficacy of preparedness to practice

• Increased research productivity and grant capture

• Increased sense of empowerment, belonging, and personal value within the Department

• Increased sense of well-being, lifestyle balance, and time management 

• Increased sense of career satisfaction

• Opportunities to build one’s professional and personal network

• Increased career satisfaction through a “pair-talk-share” mentality

• Revitalized interest in one’s own academic or research topics

• Continued learning and professional development

• Recognition and reward for outstanding mentor efforts, as well as for success of mentees

• Increased collaboration and perspective on academic projects

• Opportunities to build one’s professional and personal network

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