Taskforce on Clinical Fellows

This task force was struck by the Chairman of the Department of Surgery with a mandate to enhance the clinical fellowship program in the Department of Surgery. With over 200 fellows in training, this educational activity is clearly important to the department and will continue to benefit both the faculty and the fellows involved. The issues that require discussion and clarification are:

1. Definitions and roles of positions.
2. Governance, guiding principles and procedures.
3. Impact of clinical fellowships on our primary role of educating residents.
4. Educational goals and objectives.
5. Evaluation of fellows, supervisors, and programs.
6. Probation, suspension and dismissal.
7. Application and selection processes for clinical fellowship positions.
8. Salaries, work contracts, and benefits.

Each of issues 3-8 are discussed briefly in the section “Guiding principles and procedures;” some are covered more extensively in subsequent sections and appendices.

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