Strategic Plan

This strategic plan was initiated to address the rapidly changing environment in which our Department has to function. Technologic change, the blurring of the lines between surgery and other disciplines especially imaging, enhanced accountability, reduced financial support for individuals as well as the Department, and the increasing influence of the teaching hospitals with their superb research institutes are all driving the change.

The Department is recognized as the top Department of Surgery in Canada and the top 10% in the world. It has an accomplished faculty and an enviable track record but faces a number of significant challenges. Nevertheless, there are major opportunities with ever changing technology, real interest in government to strengthen academic medicine, increased government commitment to research funding, a huge clinical practice base with significant opportunities for translational research to name but a few.

The Department of Surgery Strategic Plan is available for download below:

Transforming Surgery- Beyond the Cutting Edge: 2012 - 2017 Strategic Plan  
Final strategic plan for Department of Surgery

Supplementary Appendices

IV. Strategic Directions, Goals, Actions, and Measures 

V. White paper proposing creation of Surgeon Scientist Training Program (2011)

VI. White Paper for Full Time Scientists (2012)