Langer Surgeon Scientist Award

Awarded to an outstanding graduate of the Surgeon Scientist Program in the Department of Surgery, who shows the greatest promise for a career in academic surgery.


2017 Dr. F. Quereshy
2016         Dr. A. Govindarajan
2015         Dr. G. Kulkarni
2014         Dr. G. Zadeh
2013         Dr. C-A. Moulton
2012         Dr. M. Hodaie
2011         Dr. T. Finelli
2010         Dr. R. Gladdy
2009         Dr. S. Hopyan
2008         Dr. M. Taylor
2007         Dr. N. Baxter
2006         Dr. R. Nam
2005         Dr. I. McGilvray
2004         Dr. D. Urbach
2003         Dr. P. Dirks
2002         Dr. R. Gryfe
2001         Dr. K. Thapar
2000         Dr. D. Hackam
1999         Dr. V. Rao
1998         Dr. Z. Kiss
1997         Dr. T. Waddell
1996         Dr. R. Midha
1995         Dr. M. Tymianski
1994         Dr. B. Rubin
1993         Dr. C. Swallow