Shafie Fazel Award

Shafie S. Fazel Outstanding Resident Surgeon and Investigator Award

In memory of Dr. Shafie S. Fazel, outstanding resident within the Division of Cardiac Surgery, University of Toronto. The award will be presented annually to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments during their residency both as a surgeon and as an investigator. It will be provided to a senior resident within the Department of Surgery, University of Toronto, in his or her last year of training.

The award is to be presented to the individual who best exemplifies the many traits of Dr. Shafie Fazel, namely: 1/ Outstanding clinical ability; 2/ Superb academic achievement; and 3/ Attributes which are in keeping with the ideal caregiver, including: collaboration, communication, mentorship, patient advocacy, leadership, reliability, respect, community service, and honesty.


2017     Dr. A. Mansouri
2016             Dr. N. Lipsman
2015             Dr. J. Wilson
2014             Dr. A. Fallah
2013             Dr. W. Hanna
2012             Dr. K. Davidge